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Medical Survey Mockup


Graphic Design


On all of my mockups there is an avatar on the left that represents the patient.This avatar does not move. Symbols appear around it and in it. These symbols represent the data selected in the personal information and medical questionnaire. The symbols in the center of the view move up and down and represent the different selections being previewed from the menu on the right side of the screen. The menu on the right side of the screen shows items in a traditional drop down list. The star button directs the screen to the summary stage of the interface, which is primarily for the physician. The house button directs you home. The blue bar and circle on the right of the view indicate the scrolling of the list.


Mockup 1. 

This is the start view of the electronic medical record. The information hasn’t been gathered. The center menu moves to show varieties of bandages. If they are selected they appear on the unnamed avatar body. This is a fun exercise, especially for children who may be apprehensive about their visit to the doctor. The bandage menu disappears once any of the menu items are selected. The personal information tab will give gender, race, age and such to the avatar, changing it’s appearance. This could be a fun starting point for new patients who want to begin the data entry themselves.


Mockup 2.

This view is for recording family medical history. Once the family medical history tab is touched, all unessential tabs disappear. Under family medical history is a list of items. Items that are checked and colored blue indicate they have been selected and the patient has those particular issues. The item in red is currently selected and being filled out. The red corresponds with the center box with a red outline with a green allergies symbol inside and the same green symbol on the left of the avatar under “G-Fa” (grandfather). Family medical history data is appearing around the avatar as it is being selected.


Mockup 3.

On this view the patient’s current health is being assessed. As each issue is selected a symbol is appearing in the avatar’s body representing the checked issues. You can see that some issues are the same as in the family medical history data: purple heart, pink and grey lungs.


Mockup 4. 

The medical questionnaire is now almost complete and many symbols are present on and around the avatar. 


Mockup 5.

This is the summary view reached by touching the star. This view summarizes all that was selected and can jump to data by touching any of the avatar’s symbols. By glancing at the avatar the physician will get a good sense of the history of the patient’s conditions as well as the pain level felt in the patient’s body. On this view, the entire right side of the screen moves together. Once the blue heading reaches the top of the view it holds there until the group is at an end and the next title reaches the same spot. There are buttons for editing and entering data and an alert option for incorrect data.

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